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Creative Painter DVD

   Follow along as Larry shows you how he paints one of his Masterpiece portraits.  You will watch the entire process, from adding colors to finishing off the piece with acrylic.  The results will blow your clients away!
Over 3 hours of video!
Price:            $125
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Creating The Personality Portrait Series

   Are you looking for a new product that will excite your clients and add extra sales to your session?
The Personality Portrait Series is the perfect addition to your toolbox!

This DVD will take you through the entire process - from start to finish.

Learn the concepts behind the series, then watch Larry photograph an entire personality series session in the studio.  Next, follow along as he sorts the images, chooses the best ones and assembles the entire project in Photoshop.

This video will give you the tools you need to start creating these great portraits yourself!

Price:            $0
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Print Competition 101

   Few things will help you increase your image-making ability like print competition.  This DVD covers the things I WISH I knew when I first started entering print competition, including:

*  How the process works

*  Avoiding the dreaded "79"

*  Adding impact to your entries

*  12 things to AVOID in print competition

Price:            $85
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Newsletter Marketing Kit

The ultimate kick-start to your online marketing campaign.  This disc will help guide you through the process of starting and maintaining an email newsletter that will turn your contacts into loyal customers!

*  Three Quicktime tutorials on email newsletters.  Over thirty minutes- covering the basics.

* Sample newsletter articles from Larry's own client newsletter!  Use them for inspiration or simply copy them into your newsletter and modify them to fit your studio.

*  A thirty minute telephone consultation with Larry to discuss issues specific to your studio.
Price:            $149
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Resource CD

- Price Menu
- Deposit Calculator
- Sales Sheet

- 5 x 30 Personality Series
- 3 x 3
- More

PLUS, Basic Production Actions
Price:            $25
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Plano artist, Larry Lourcey, holds the designation of Master Photographer awarded by the Professional Photographers of Americ....


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